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Cheap Gas Stations Toronto

The nature of my career forces me to drive all around the city, which I find a blessing and a curse – I love driving new streets but when that dreaded fuel light comes up I shudder when I see the price posted at the nearest gas station.

There are three gas stations however that I try to frequent as much as possible, mostly because they are usually a few (or more) cents less than the average price!

East End: Danforth & Greenwood Ave (Esso yay aeroplan rewards)

West End: Keele & St.Clair (Esso)

Downtown: Dupont & Davenport (Esso)

These three gas stations are consistently four or five cents cheaper than the competition. I thought about keeping these gems to myself but also thought I’d do my community a greater good by sharing, so here you go!

Let me know if you know any others that I’ve missed? Particularly interested in North York!


This is a photo of me and my friends hanging out at an abandoned gas station that priced their gas so high that it shut down …. jjk. This is a pretty awesome photo by Brooke Cagle, you can find more of her work here: https://unsplash.com/@brookecagle

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