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How to: Rent a condo in downtown Toronto

Renting in downtown Toronto is stressful. Not only is it super expensive but it is also extremely competitive and fast moving. A huge chunk of my business is working with young professionals relocating to or looking for a new/bigger space in downtown Toronto. Many are shocked at how the prices have sky rocketed in the … Continue reading

Why the vertical community is doomed if we don’t …

Learn to respect that we live beside, below, on top and around each other. Bare with me through this one … I’m warning you, this post, I think is more of a rant than an informational read. “Keep Calm and Read On” if you’d like my two cents regarding condo dwellers that just don’t understand the concept of … Continue reading

Guide: New Year’s Eve, Toronto rings in 2017

If you are reading this now (first days of December), congrats, you are like me and like to start planning these things way in advance. If you have stumbled upon this post late December, you’ve come to the right place, I have been updating this post as new events have popped up! So without further … Continue reading

Cheap Gas Stations Toronto

The nature of my career forces me to drive all around the city, which I find a blessing and a curse – I love driving new streets but when that dreaded fuel light comes up I shudder when I see the price posted at the nearest gas station. There are three gas stations however that … Continue reading

Toronto Condos with Rooftop Pools

… Aka, your new summer hotspots! I show condos predominantly in the downtown core so I’m familiar with some of the best rooftop pools in Toronto, whether you are looking to buy, rent or just call up a friend who lives in one of these buildings, here is a quick guide to rooftop pools in the … Continue reading

My recent interview with Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach

Exclusive interview for CORREO Canadiense in Toronto.   “I hope to travel the world and tell my story, like I have for some time now, of how hard work pays off and that dreams really can come true and that girls around the world can stand up and tell their story and become powerful women … Continue reading

Condos: To Rent or To Buy? That is the question….

I wrote an article about this topic a year or two ago, but I thought I’d write another with today’s current market evaluations and with a bit more experience having dealt with over 70 condo & home rentals and purchases this past year. The reasons for people choosing to rent or to own are various … Continue reading

6ix most underrated Instagram accounts T.O

I’ll be honest, #ViewsOfToronto started when I first started my career in real estate. I wanted to re-learn what Toronto had to offer, and since I already had a passion for art and photography, I thought instagram would be a great place to start my quest. I was looking for new views, angles and exposures of … Continue reading

Best of Toronto in 2015

Toronto’s Best Moments in 2015: A Year’s End Compilation During the past few days I’m sure we’ve all had moments where we’ve stopped to reflect on the year we’ve just lived and think about what lies ahead. If not, well now is the time to do so. Toronto, you’ve been a very busy city this … Continue reading

We Nominate ‘Come Together’: Best Motto of 2015

As I burst out cheering, at the bottom of the sixth as Jose Bautista hit a home run (Game 1 ALDS), the angle for this article suddenly hit me, I love this city, love this team and love the motto, #ComeTogether. That’s what sports are all about, a common interest, a sort of team building … Continue reading