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Cheap Gas Stations Toronto

The nature of my career forces me to drive all around the city, which I find a blessing and a curse – I love driving new streets but when that dreaded fuel light comes up I shudder when I see the price posted at the nearest gas station. There are three gas stations however that … Continue reading

Rexfords Gourmet Everyday

Who has time to cook fresh healthy meals every single day? The first thing that everyone puts off is eating well because there just isn’t enough time! Well, that’s what Rexfords is here for Toronto! I was invited into the headquarters by Kevin (the chef) to sample the dishes. It was really exciting to meet … Continue reading

Indulging At The Keg Mansion

Last week on Friday night I decided to indulge in some steak. Where better to go than the Keg Mansion? When I walked in, I asked the hostess about the building’s history. What is now known as one of the city’s best steak spots was once owned by the Massey family (the same family that … Continue reading

What is a Condo? Technically speaking …

“The condominium is not a new concept, in fact, the term originated in Roman Law. This type of co-ownership was introduced in Ontario roughly 40 years ago, and the Condominium Act dates to 1967 and now contains 189 sections that cover ownership, common elements, vacant land, leasehold condominiums and more” – RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario). To … Continue reading