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How to: Rent a condo in downtown Toronto

Renting in downtown Toronto is stressful. Not only is it super expensive but it is also extremely competitive and fast moving. A huge chunk of my business is working with young professionals relocating to or looking for a new/bigger space in downtown Toronto. Many are shocked at how the prices have sky rocketed in the … Continue reading

Toronto Condos with Rooftop Pools

… Aka, your new summer hotspots! I show condos predominantly in the downtown core so I’m familiar with some of the best rooftop pools in Toronto, whether you are looking to buy, rent or just call up a friend who lives in one of these buildings, here is a quick guide to rooftop pools in the … Continue reading

Condos: To Rent or To Buy? That is the question….

I wrote an article about this topic a year or two ago, but I thought I’d write another with today’s current market evaluations and with a bit more experience having dealt with over 70 condo & home rentals and purchases this past year. The reasons for people choosing to rent or to own are various … Continue reading

What is a Condo? Technically speaking …

“The condominium is not a new concept, in fact, the term originated in Roman Law. This type of co-ownership was introduced in Ontario roughly 40 years ago, and the Condominium Act dates to 1967 and now contains 189 sections that cover ownership, common elements, vacant land, leasehold condominiums and more” – RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario). To … Continue reading

And you thought your condo was small…

Yes, it is true, Toronto is allowing the development of more condos that are just under 500 sq ft. But it could be worse. You could be forced to live in an unbelievably small space and make it all work. After seeing these units, I assure you, your 500 square foot space will seem unbelievably … Continue reading

5 facts that may surprise you about Real Estate in Toronto

CTV News summarized yesterday, an important twenty page report written by TD’s Deputy Chief Economist, Derek Burleton and Vice president, Diana Petramala about Toronto’s Housing Boom. While uncovering trends and growth in both the population and jobs within the GTA, the report also found five facts that might interest you:  1. Nearly half of GTA … Continue reading