Zahra D.

Zahra is not your everyday foodie. She is an epicurean of sorts. Her philosophy on food and drink is simple: “There is no greater love than the love of food”. This restaurant lover nine times out of ten, has probably been to both your favourite gourmet spot in the city and your guilty pleasure “hole in the wall” cafe. She is your go-to expert for everything foodie and drinkie (too far?) … basically, if your stomach is grumbling and your indecisive self doesn’t know where to go, read some of Zahra’s posts … we promise you won’t need to read too many before your hailing a cab.

You can find all of Zahra’s posts under the Food & Drink column, or simply by clicking here.

Also, if you are into that instagram scene, so are we! Follow us at @ViewsOfToronto and @ZaraDee90



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