Catherine Y.

Twenty six year old camera happy and self-proclaimed foodie, Catherine loves all things Toronto. The city to her, is an ever-changing landscape that lights up and moves with the energy of its people, history, architecture and diverse culture. Described by many of her friends as a socialite, Catherine is in tune with emerging trends and subcultures. Her career in real estate has also allowed her to understand the renowned and budding neighbourhoods of Toronto. Her love for photography, art and real estate led her to create Views of Toronto. It was an avenue where she felt she could not only appreciate the work of others but also share it with fellow Torontonians. She hopes that Views Of Toronto can grow so as to share and expose unique and all encompassing aspects of the city, culture, food, fashion, architecture, art, music, etc.

Contributing to all threads on this website, the easiest way to read some of Catherine’s work is by clicking here.

Into the Instagram scene? Well so are we! Follow us at @ViewsOfToronto and @iCatherineYoung



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