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A Foodies Birthday – Cake Cake Cake Edition

For those of you who read my birthday blog last year, my birthday truly is a shameless eating spree for me. This year I thought I would focus on the best part of anyone’s birthday….THE DESSERT! So, let’s celebrate getting older and stuffing our faces with as much dessert as humanly possible.

I started at Scaddabush with my cousin and some warm, soft panettone bread pudding, sweet white chocolate gelato and sticky toffee sauce. It is a very heavy dessert and should definitely be shared.


That same night I made my way over to Roman Zaman, a restaurant which serves Damascene cuisine, with my mother and sister. I had to get the oversized cocktail smoothie, which contains different fruits, is topped off with a slab of whipped cream and bits of pistachio. I was forced to share this smoothie because my sister kept saying “don’t fill up!” Otherwise, I would’ve totally killed it.


At the end of dinner my sister surprised me with the grandest cake I have ever had in my whole life. The best part was that it tasted just as amazing as it looked. The vanilla cake was moist and flavorful, the vanilla cream was rich and decadent…it was absolutely perfect! The white on white combination with a single matte black candle was stunning. This cake was custom made by A Pinch Of Sugar Cakes.

The next day I had my birthday party with friends and I had no idea that I was about to get two cakes! The beautiful chocolate log cake was hand made by my close friend Samantha and the 6 inch tall strawberry cheesecake was from the Cheesecake Factory. I don’t think anything could have made me happier in that moment except for maybe a fourth cake?

The next morning there was one more slice of cheesecake waiting for me, from the Cheesecake Factory. The flavour I had been dying to try, the Tiramisu cheesecake. How could you go wrong mixing my two favorite cakes into one right? Well, like I suspected you couldn’t! The cream, the coffee, the lady fingers and the cheesecake were magical together! I am now 7 pounds heavier and must refrain from eating anymore cake.

Shameless amounts of cake eating will commence next December fellow foodies!

Zahra Dattu

Food Director


Instagram: @eatzoftoronto



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