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Craque De Creme

Are you a fan of burnt cream, also known as crème brulee? Well Toronto, there is a new place in town to feed your sweet addiction and it’s called Craque De Crème.

Craque De Crème is a quaint little spot, near Casa Loma. It serves a variety of different crème brulee flavors, waffles, ice cream and macarons.

We ordered the salted caramel Tigger Macaron, an Americano, Ferrero Rocher and salted caramel flavored crème brulee. The macaron was delicious and there were various other flavors and characters like Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Minnie Mouse etc.


As for the crème brulee, I have always known it to have a jelly like consistency, but this was unexpectedly custard like. The Ferrero Rocher didn’t have the hazelnut taste I was hoping for, instead it just tasted like dark chocolate. The salted caramel on the other hand had a hint of the flavor. My favourite part was eating the thick sweet layer of burnt sugar on the top. Overall, personally I wouldn’t go back for the crème brulee, but I would definitely go back for the macarons.


Have you been yet? What are your thoughts?

Zahra Dattu

Food Director


Instagram: @eatzoftoronto


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