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Taiwanese Fried Chicken

I love a place that can serve up some delicious fried chicken, so I had to check out Kanpai Snack Bar in Cabbage Town for Taiwanese style fried chicken. This quaint place has high top seats, a spacious bar and a few tables along the large windows, great to enjoy the beautiful weather we are going to experience this weekend! Regrettably we couldn’t get a table along the windows so we sat at the bar hoping for the perfect lighting to take great food pictures, of course! I would definitely recommend making a reservation ahead of time because the tables are usually accounted for and the restaurant is always jam-packed.

If you are like me and can’t handle spicy food I would bring a carton of milk because these guys know how to bring the heat! I was sniffling, crying and sweating while enjoying every last piece of the Wu Tang beef.



Don’t even get me started on the Ain’t Nothing But A Green Bean Baby, that shit just got spicier!



Unfortunately the Schriken Satay came after we had finished the prior dishes, which would’ve really helped subdue the intensity of the chilis. Although both those dishes were absolutely delicious, the heat was a little too much for me and made the meal not as enjoyable.



At this point my friend and I were completely stuffed, but had the highly anticipated fried chicken coming our way. How can you say no to more food, right? It definitely lived up to our expectations, it was juicy, the batter was not too thick and the Taiwanese spices had the right amount of kick. The only downside to the chicken was the wait, we waited approximately an hour and a half after we ordered.



So, come hungry but expect a fairly long wait. Overall, everyone was extremely friendly, prices were very reasonable and the atmosphere was great. I would unquestionably recommend checking this place out and exploring the diversity that Cabbage Town has to offer. I need to do a better job venturing out that way.

Zahra Dattu

Food Director


Instagram: @eatzoftoronto


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