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Eatz of Morocco

Hey Toronto Foodies, it’s been a while! I spent the last little bit getting familiar with Moroccan cuisine and I thought I would share some of my food expeditions.

I will never forget the Mint tea! We were offered it everywhere we went, whether that was a leather tannery or a Hammam (Spa). It was easily the best mint tea I have ever had in my life! Even the technique of pouring it was a skill that needed to be acquired in order to master the taste.

Morocco is a place that astonishes your senses and it really opens you up to a totally different lifestyle. The first morning we had breakfast in Marrakech, I was surprised with the extensive amount of bread and carbs. This picture is a perfect depiction of how many different variations of bread there usually are at a table.


My favourite dish in Morocco is called Pastilla. It is a sweet and savory pie, usually served as a second course in a meal for special occasions such as weddings. The traditional filling is pigeon, roasted almond, sugar, cinnamon and egg wrapped up in a phyllo dough. Instead of pigeon, I tried chicken (or at least I asked for chicken). Surprisingly this combination works really well and tastes amazing.


Another very traditional and common dish served is the Tagine, I ate this for 10 days straight! The Tagine is the name of the dish which the stew is cooked in. They slow-cook savory stews, typically made with sliced meat (meatballs, chicken, lamb etc.) and vegetables. Spices, nuts and dried fruits are also used to create the flavoring.

How can I forget Moroccan dessert?! My favourite was the honey cakes, which you could buy in any marketplace. This is basically deep fried dough with liquid sugar.


If you would like a taste of Morocco in Toronto, Sultans tent is a must try. They have a great belly dancing show and I would highly recommend the lamb shank, absolutely mouth-watering!

Zahra Dattu

Food Director


Instagram: @eatzoftoronto


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