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Let’s Taco ‘Bout Tacos! (Barrio Cerveceria)

So, I have an obsession with tacos and Toronto I know you do too! I have to share the most recent Taco spot I have visited and loved, Barrio Cerveceria.

This place is located in Leslieville and I have to say it isn’t a huge space, it can hold approximately around 60 people. Surprisingly on a Friday night we were able to get a table for two right away. Might have been luck, because just as we sat down the restaurant filled up immediately. So, you might want to make reservations ahead of time. The interior is beautifully decorated with vibrant colours and lots of Mexican art. There is a patio right in the front which looked spacious and also an interior patio with a striking mural and comfy seating. I definitely would like to check that out in the summer.

I would say the service was good, not great. It felt like all of the staff were assigned to our table, so we didn’t know who to specifically reach out to. We were asked if we had ordered drinks by 3 different people, after placing an order. At least it’s better than being forgotten!

Let’s get to the good stuff! Who goes to a taco place and doesn’t get Guac and Chip?! Sounds crazy eh! Well at Barrio they have something drool-worthy, called Volcano. This entails melted Oaxaca cheese, white cheddar, salsa, guacamole and of course tortilla chips on the side.



We also each got three tacos each, I choose the Camaronilla (shrimps), Marinero Marinero (Cod Fish) and Morelos (Striploin). My favourite was the Camaronilla.

barrio 3

$6.00 each

Last, but not least! Churros! You cannot go to a Mexican place and leave without having some warm churros covered with cinnamon and drizzled with chocolate sauce.


Toronto, indulge in that taco craving at Barrio this weekend! Just to show my dedication to tacos, here was my Halloween customer last year.


Let me know what you think of Barrio and please feel free to recommend places to go and blog about next in the comments below!



Call. 647-352-0884

Zahra Dattu

Director of Food & Drink

Hashtag: #eatzoftoronto

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