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Maha’s Egyptian Brunch

Torontonians love brunch and last week I was able to try authentic Egyptian brunch at Maha’s Egyptian cuisine. A lot of the items on the menu are familiar to me, since I have had exposure to the Palestinian and Lebanese culture through my friends.

The place is quaint, beautifully cluttered with plants, pictures, teapots, vases, the evil eye symbol and many more cultural knick knacks. We went on a Tuesday assuming it would be empty, to our surprise it was packed, plus there was a line! Ensure that you leave early so you leave time for the one hour wait, it’s worth it!

mahas brunch

The staff was really friendly, efficient and did not rush anyone in the restaurant. When we finally got seated it was unfortunate that some of the things on the menu had run out. We had been really excited to try the Maha’s Mind Blowing Chicken. Try getting seats before noon, so that what you want is still available. Luckily everything on their menu is delicious and I had a few other things in mind which I wanted to try.

My sister got the Hazelnut Latte which was rimmed with what tasted like Nutella, literally heavenly! I got the Hibiscus loose Leaf tea, which is sweet and soothing.

hazelnut latte

small hazelnut latte $4.65 / small tea $4.25

We started off with the Chefs Appetizer Platter, which was great because you get a little taste of everything. This platter is great to share between 2-4 people, depending on how hungry you are. My favorite item on the platter was the Falafels. The platter contains Pita bread, Hummus, Seasoned Garlic Tomatoes, Olives, Artichoke salad, Foole (mashed fava beans), Dokka (A mixture of toasted spices, sesame seeds and nuts, paired with extra virgin olive oil), Beans, and Falafels.



We also got the Cumin Home fries, which are drool-worthy! Although we could not finish it because we also had another dish coming!

home fries


I wanted to try Foole, it was one thing I had never heard of or tasted. So, we ordered the Sunny Eggs and Foole. It is served with pita bread to scoop the fava beans onto and enjoy. The eggs were salty, I prefer them this way, if you don’t like a lot of salt this is probably not the best dish to order. We shared everything, although the mains can be eaten alone by one person.



I really wanted to finish my meal off with their beautiful assortment of Backlava, but there was absolutely no way to fit more food in my stomach, next time!



8 am to 7 pm



8 am to 7 pm


8 am to 5 pm

Zahra Dattu
Director of Food & Drink
Hashtag: #foodndrinksoftoronto
Instagram: @foodndrinksoftoronto




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