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Lets Go To The Ex

It has been a tradition every year for me to attend the CNE, I make a list and try all the new and unique carnival foods The Ex has to offer. CNE is the ultimate Torontonian festival and this year it was a pleasure for Views Of Toronto to get invited. Although I must admit, when I saw the list of new carnival foods which were being featured, I was a little disappointed.


Here are the tasty treats which I indulged in last weekend:


The Corn Dog Poutine was very enjoyable, who doesn’t like street meat deep fried in batter served with gravy and cheese curds?! corndog poutine

The Frosted Flakes Chicken was not my favourite, I thought the batter covering the chicken was a little excessive and took away from the concept, where as a thin layer would exaggerated the combination of frosted flakes and chicken.

frostedflakes chicken on a stick

The most anticipated treat this year was the Deep Fried Cookie Dough, (every year I try a different deep fried dish, last year it was the deep fried cheesecake) I was very disappointed. The texture of the cookie dough was gooey, if done correctly the cookie dough becomes melted and warm and starts to cook around the edges, but definitely remains dough-like in the center.

deep fried cookie dough

Last but not least, my favourite was the Frans Golden Girl Milkshake! This milkshake definitely stole the show, now I know what Kelis was talking about when she said my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. I literally drank and ate all the toppings within 5 minutes!

frans restaurant

 Until next year CNE! Time to work out all week before I attend the Junk Food Festival on Friday! See you there Toronto! Don’t forget to hashtag #foodoftoronto


Zahra Dattu
Director of Food & Drink
Hashtag: #FoodOfToronto
Instagram: @zahradattu


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