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Udon Noodles At MeNami

As a foodie, I am grateful to live in a city which offers such a diverse range of cuisines. I recently visited a traditional, authentic Udon noodle house called MeNami, in North York. The chef Kevin Shin also manages the Han Ba Tang kitchen (a Korean Tapas style restaurant, another one of my favourites!), as well as created the menu for Nome Izakaya (Japanese fusion dishes, amazing food!).


This restaurant is not big in size but, is set up in an artsy fashion, combining elements of being accessible and high-end. It’s a versatile place where you can go for a casual lunch (like I did) or celebrate your birthday in the evening. Their menu is very affordable and the food is delicious!

The big teal wooden doors with the flashy MeNami sign can be a little intimidating, but as soon as you walk in the first thing which you see is the artsy bar and the chalkboard menu creating a cozy feel.



What Are Udon Noodles?

Udon noodles are big thick noodle which are soft and capture flavours of the broth and spices. They can be served in multiple ways, whether that be in a broth, stir fried or even cold in a salad. MeNami serves Udon noodles in 15 different versions!

MeNami takes the art of creating Udon noodles very seriously, they are made fresh in house and the machine is imported from Japan to ensure they would be not serving frozen noodles. I have to say that everything was made to perfection and intricately plated.

We started off with an order of Corn Kaki-age, which is essentially corn fried with a batter, served with a side of Honey Butter Mayo. I have to admit just thinking about it is making my mouth water! I also got the Thai milk tea, it is strong and very flavourful.


Corn Kaki-Age $5.00

As a main my friend and I ordered separate Udon noodle bowls, which we both could not finish. They give large servings, so if you aren’t too hungry order a few appetizers to share and one Udon noodle. I got the Tsuke Udon with Shrimp Tempura. The noodles were very filling, the broth was thick and creamy. I would highly recommend this dish.



The Vegetable and Mushroom Udon had a watery broth, more so like a soup. The oyster mushrooms are a little difficult to eat, since they are really large and cannot be cut by chopsticks.




5469 Yonge St
Toronto ON
M2N 5S1
416 229 6191

Sun 11:30AM – 12AM
Mon – Sat 11:30AM – 2:30AM


Toronto go out and enjoy the culinary experiences our city has to offer! Don’t forget to comment and let me know about your experiences.

Zahra Dattu

Director of Food & Drink

Hashtag: #FoodOfToronto

Instagram : @zaradee.xo

Follow my food adventures on Snapchat! Zarad1990


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