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Toronto Condos with Rooftop Pools

… Aka, your new summer hotspots!

I show condos predominantly in the downtown core so I’m familiar with some of the best rooftop pools in Toronto, whether you are looking to buy, rent or just call up a friend who lives in one of these buildings, here is a quick guide to rooftop pools in the city!

Waterclub Condos (8 York, 208/218 York St)

This is an indoor/outdoor pool, but mostly indoor. It does however boast a vast terrace (on the second floor) that faces south towards the lake and across the street from the new Beaver Tails shop that just opened up!

Pure Spirit Condos (33 Mill St)

This one is right on the outskirts of the downtown area, The Distillery District. The view from this rooftop pool however is worth the mini commute. Lined with BBQs and a hot tub, this is an ideal summer lounge spot!


Thompson Hotel & Residences (55 Stewart & 550 Wellington St)

I feel like most people have either been to or at least seen this pool, it boasts a gorgeous eastern view of the city. This rooftop is equipped with pool side seating, tables for dining and a bar. Who doesn’t love a nice infinity pool with our city skyline in the backdrop?

ThompsonCoolagepool copy

300 Front (300 Front St)

Looking for a pool where you can actually get a couple of decent laps in? This is the rooftop pool for you. Not only is it one of the bigger rooftop pools I’ve seen it is also nicely lined with lounge chairs and cabanas. Its essentially like a more chill, less expensive version of Muzik, oh yeah, and its not in the middle of no where, its right at Front and John! Ten points to condo developer Tridel for this one!


Theatre Park Condos (224 King St W)

This rooftop, south facing pool just opened (despite residents having lived in the building since early 2015). It is right across the street from Roy Thompson Hall, a skip and a jump from St.Andrew station, this gorgeous little pool on the 6th floor of the building is also attached to the party room and lounge area.


King Charlotte Condos (11 Charlotte St)

Another Brad Lamb building (224 King is also developed by Brad Lamb), this one is not quite finished yet, all the amenities are still currently under construction, including the much anticipated rooftop pool on the 34th floor which will face predominantly west but will have views to the south and north as well! This pool will likely be done for next summer!

2016-06-17 14.12.09

June 2016

Fashion House Condos (560 King St W)

This rooftop pool is one of those you can kind of almost see, well maybe more so hear while walking by on King St. On a nice hot day, look up towards (the 9th floor …I’m pretty sure!?) while you approach Wilbur Mexicana and you might catch a glimpse of some stylish people enjoying the weather in their swim wear.


The Verve Condos (120 Homewood Ave)

I’ve never actually seen this one in person but have heard of it being quite nice, and the photos look great too! Another decently sized pool for those who like to get some real laps in for some exercise

2016-06-17 03.46.59

Thanks @mark_anthony81 for letting us share your photo!

Have I missed any? Let me know below!

Thank you again for all those who allowed us to share their amazing rooftop pool photos from Instagram – go check them out!

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Founder of Views Of Toronto





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