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How To Eat Pizza

Every Torontonian loves their pizza and everywhere I go it’s eaten a little differently. People always get intimidated to use their hands when there is a fork and knife present at a fancy restaurant, but rest assured there is no correct way! Every unique way says just a little about you!


  • The stacker

When you just can’t wait and you need two slices (or 3!) at once! Be careful not to burn the top of your mouth though. This person is definitely the kind that likes to over-indulge, they are the kind of person who adds chips or fries to the middle of their sandwiches. They want to experience it all at once.


  • The Folder

This is how to enjoy double the flavor of the toppings at once. It’s a convenient way to eat, and ensures that everything is staying in place while you chow down. This person knows the only way to be efficient is to leave one hand free and clean. They would have no problem eating any meal on the go.


  • The Saver

Who doesn’t love dipping sauce? Well this eater unquestionably shares the love for adding a little more flavour and making every bite as delicious as the first. This person is well aware that they are eating a pizza and they are determined to make even the plain crust worth its while!

images (3)

  • The Typical Pick Up

This is the most common way to eat pizza, just pick it up the old fashion way and eat it. Tastes just as good and is perfectly acceptable! All you want is to eat that pizza in front of you; all the power to you fellow foodie!

images (2)

  • The Fork And Knife

The fork and knife are usually presented at fancier restaurants, it’s easier to eat thin pizzas or really messy deep dish pizzas. This person doesn’t intend on getting messy and wants to keep it classy!

So to all you Toronto pizza lovers, eat how you please!

Do you have a different technique in eating a slice which I haven’t mentioned above? Leave a comment and let me know!

Zahra Dattu

Director of Food & Drink

Instagram : @zaradee.xo

Follow my food adventures on Snapchat! Zarad19


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