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Rexfords Gourmet Everyday

Who has time to cook fresh healthy meals every single day? The first thing that everyone puts off is eating well because there just isn’t enough time! Well, that’s what Rexfords is here for Toronto!

I was invited into the headquarters by Kevin (the chef) to sample the dishes. It was really exciting to meet other like-minded individuals in the food industry who are also looking for innovative ways to please their customers. They really value their customers and are open for candid comments about the meals or any new ideas I had to offer.


Kevin is very down to earth, easy to talk to and not to mention a food lover himself!


For those of you Torontonians, who haven’t heard of Rexfords yet, let me give you a break down. They deliver meals every week designed for people with busy lifestyles, athletes and growing families which are prepared by local chefs. This is a great way to support our local Toronto talent! The great thing about Rexfords is that their food does not contain preservatives because their meals are not meant to be frozen and used over a long period of time (which is really unhealthy in the first place!) They deliver your meals in containers which look like this:


The meals are very affordable, priced at $10.99 or “Build Your Own” for $11.49. Ordering is made very easy on their website, also a neat feature they have over each meal it gives you the ability to rate it and see the chef who made it. Every week the dishes are changed to bring a variety for everyone ordering regularly.






I decided to go with the pesto chicken.


To my surprise after the meal was reheated the chicken remained moist. Usually I find when you reheat chicken breast it tends to be on the drier side. The pesto is made from scratch and compliments the chicken and mushrooms well. I found that the cauliflower needed some more salt (all depends on how much salt you fancy) and the pasta was slightly under-cooked (although I know some people prefer it this way). Overall the meal tasted good, had a homemade feel and I would definitely consider this a good alternative for cooking.

62-_51969_S_19So Toronto, if you’re like me and always on the go, this is the place for you! Visit their website rexfords.com and place your orders.

Zahra Dattu

Director of Food & Drink

Instagram : @zaradee.xo

Follow my food adventures on Snapchat! Zarad1990


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