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6ix most underrated Instagram accounts T.O

I’ll be honest, #ViewsOfToronto started when I first started my career in real estate. I wanted to re-learn what Toronto had to offer, and since I already had a passion for art and photography, I thought instagram would be a great place to start my quest. I was looking for new views, angles and exposures of the neighbourhoods that I had already understood through my own frame of mind.

I searched various hashtags, many of which led me to Toronto feature accounts, but in my opinion, they all looked the same (amazing, jaw dropping views from terrifying angles of the city’s tallest buildings). Although I commend these photographers for their feats and in all honesty the bravery that comes with exposing these views to us common, non-rooftopping folk, I was still itching to find something a little bit more real and something more tangible. I decided to create Views Of Toronto to feature views that were part of our everyday passing lives, but captured in a new light. A view that perhaps was always there and never noticed. Noticed but never captured. Experienced but never understood, or vice versa.

Basically, my aim was to create an avenue for everyday #Torontonians and photographers alike to share their unique views, views that some may call ordinary, but that together create a small piece of the puzzle that is Toronto. Simply put, this is the only puzzle I’ve ever enjoyed putting together and here are my top six instagrammers that have helped create this gallery a success:

Screenshot 2016-01-04 22.01.026. @thelittletinsoldier

His style has changed quite a bit since we first featured him but if you like minimalist captures, you need to follow this guy! His gallery’s flow is not only fresh to death but each individual photo is wonderfully captured. Not everything on his ‘gram is from Toronto but this stuff needs to be printed and hung on a white wall somewhere in a gallery on Queen East.

Screenshot 2016-01-04 22.04.425. @torontosaur

Alright, so this guy already has over 2k followers but I just love his stuff. Maybe he isn’t the most underrated instagrammer out there but I’m surprised he’s not up there with the over 10k crowd. Honestly, every capture is stunning. His style is so diverse (dark, bright, warm and cold) and I love how he captures the city. Keep up the good work John, number 1 fan over here!!

Screenshot 2016-01-04 22.09.074. @dylanwoodley

Dylan’s use of vibrant colour and contrasting shadows is fascinating. His gallery is a wonderful medley of divergent colours, scenes and experiences that have been made in our city. Although not all his posts are Toronto specific I still recommend you check out his instagram for some really unique work and perspectives of the city, unlike many accounts you will come across.

Screenshot 2016-01-04 22.13.243. @uncomman

I love this account, real people in this city and their everyday activities, normal or not. I’m not entirely sure if people know that Allen is taking their photo, but regardless the outcome is awesome. I’ve always found spontaneous and candid photography is the hardest, and @uncomman has mastered this skill. His gallery is akin to @humansofny – which is an account you should check regardless.

Screenshot 2016-01-04 22.15.292. @luhalbertini

A personal favourite, I love how ‘architect and designer’ Luiza captures lines, both linear and non-linear. She has a great eye and captures both the big picture and minimalistic glimpses of our city. Her captures leave you wanting more, they feel slightly incomplete, your eye begging for more, her photos make me want to get out and see what else is out there! She truly brings meaning to #DiscoverTO

Screenshot 2016-01-04 22.17.381. @archtonomy

Jared finds a way to be both minimalist and ornate all at the same time. Not only does his gallery flow photo to photo, (until you find yourself scrolling to the very bottom of his page), but it also invites you to explore the various city’s hidden in plain site architectural wonders. Similar to #4 Luiza, @archtonomy knows where to crop his photos so that you the follower is itching for more while at the same time satisfied with the completeness of his perfect frame.


Some honorary mentions: @Victoriabreton and her super cheerful & colourful posts. @visualdialect – great stuff but where have you gone? A new discovery with amazing angles @jarekxenos and last but not least @lizabethbennett. I think she has now moved from Toronto, which is a total pity because her work was amazing. My favourite captures of hers were door fronts around the city. She managed to capture homes and views of the city that I’m certain I have walked or driven by dozens of times and never noticed the way she has. Toronto will miss you and your camera!

Well that’s all folks – there are really so many more that should have made this list, it was terribly hard to cut down. For some more stunning Toronto photos check out those ‘grammers we follow and if you feel like you should have been mentioned in this list make sure you get our attention with #ViewsOfToronto.

Screenshot 2016-01-04 22.31.30Thank you for your continued support and interest in #ViewsOfToronto!

Catherine Young

Founder of Views Of Toronto



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