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We Nominate ‘Come Together’: Best Motto of 2015

As I burst out cheering, at the bottom of the sixth as Jose Bautista hit a home run (Game 1 ALDS), the angle for this article suddenly hit me, I love this city, love this team and love the motto, #ComeTogether. That’s what sports are all about, a common interest, a sort of team building activity that is not only for the professional athletes on the field but also for the thousands of fans who congregate around them, clinking beers, exchanging high fives and mingling with strangers that share a common interest.

Growing up, going to baseball games was an outing I used to do with my dad. At the time I didn’t really know much about baseball but I enjoyed the atmosphere and I learned about the rules along the way. I remember hearing names like Carlos Delgado, Alex Gonzalez and Jose Cruz, and clapping a little louder because they were latino, and that made them kind of like me.


Now some of the greats on our current AL East division winning team share my latin ancestry, Bautista, Encarnacion, Estrada and others. But the fact latinos are so loved on this team is not what I was most proud of these past couple of weeks, no, it was the fact that looking at the people around me at the dome and in the bars were people from all backgrounds, waving their rally towels or tapping anxiously on the bar or table in front of them – everyone indulging the sport as one people. This is why I love Toronto and Toronto sports, there is such an enthusiasm and energy around our teams, its contagious.

I was born in this country and was raised by my Canadian father and Chilean mother, I consider myself latina and lucky to be part of a country and city that holds so many of our South American brothers and sisters. But Toronto is also home to hundreds of other cultures who have the ability to stay connected to their cultural backgrounds through their respective communities and events but at the same time can come T.O.gether as one to support this place we all call home, Toronto.

Screenshot 2015-10-25 09.14.22Unfortunately, baseball season has come to a close in Toronto, but I’m excited to cheer on another great team, the Raptors!! #WeTheNorth

Catherine Young

Founder of Views Of Toronto


Feature image of baseball by @hayds65



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