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A perpetually enigmatic but perfect love for Toronto

Love letters to Toronto on it’s 181st birthday

All photos of the city included in this post were taken by @torontosaur – his work is truly jaw dropping (mysteriously romantic I feel), see for yourself on instagram.

I’m grateful to have been able to travel to several cities around the world. However, as much as I love getting to know a new place, I love coming home … just a little bit more. Is it the gorgeous skyline, the comfort of a Timmies medium sized tea or just the gathering of places around the city that I’ve made amazing memories at? Perhaps a little bit of everything. I’m also a romantic when it comes to this kind of stuff (thank god I’m getting into Real Estate in this city that I love so much). But I promise this isn’t one big sap story about me and ‘the 6ix’.


Ever since I started the @ViewsOfToronto instagram account (go check it out, its super cool and I spend way too much time perusing future images to feature), I’ve been hyper aware of the fact that Torontonians love their city.

Sure, we all grumble about the deep freeze conditions we suffer through, the insane amounts of traffic we experience between the hours of 4-7pm, the wind tunnels that shuffle downtown walking commuters and the fact that Toronto made international headlines because of Rob Ford’s alleged crack tendencies. But at the end of the day, Toronto has some kind of hold on Torontonians that call this city home, or who have ever (for whatever length of time) lived in this city of ours.


How do I know this? Well I’ve done some investigative research, aka interviews with instagrammers that interact with my @ViewsOfToronto account.

Meet @TaraLeighRose, she loves photography and has only lived in Toronto for a year. Originally from Montreal, she feels right at home here because “everyone is so friendly and the city offers activities for every kind of mood I’m in.” Her favourite spot in the summer is Trinity Bellwoods Park because it has a European feel to it (similar to her hometown of Montreal) and it is a quick walk to Queen West where she often gets together with her friends.  @SkateWife.TorontoLife is also a proud Torontonian because “this city has so much to offer and its so beautiful every season of the year.”


A good friend of mine @KristaAshly lived in Toronto for a brief time while studying for her post-graduate certificate. Here is what she had to say about this great city “When I first moved to Toronto from a much smaller city, it was difficult for me to adapt to such a busy place. But, Toronto’s diverse culture gave me a thirst to explore that I’ll never give back.” If she could move back her fave spot in the city would have to be Sunnybrook Park. “I can play soccer there on weekends and socialize with my teammates or just take a peaceful walk and explore the park’s vast grounds. It’s also just 10 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Yonge and Eglinton – it’s my perfect oasis in the city.”

@UnzSiddiqui, another new Torontonian loves the city for it’s diversity and cultural acceptance. “It makes Toronto such a beautiful place to be, and personally I can’t imagine living anywhere else.” She says that nearly every day she gets greeted with a “good morning” and a “hope you have a great day.”

“Toronto is a perfect melting pot of business and culture,” says @Ash_Toronto. “You can be a musician or an entrepreneur and you truly have an equal opportunity to grow and develop in this city. I’ve travelled all over the world and no place has the mix of cultures that we do. It allows for some really well rounded people.”

If you have a mini love letter for Toronto feel free to message me so I can include it in this post, or leave a comment!


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